About Beer Mapping

The Beer Mapping Project started in mid 2005. A long time ago in a craft beer world that seems very far away.


The four versions of Beer Mapping


Welcome to the Beer Mapping Project. Our main goal here is to help you and others find good beer. Using the google maps api and some custom developed tools, we're able to provide our site visitors with the ability to find nearby beer. This project only works with your help. If everyone pitches in and helps add or update locations that they're familiar with, the maps will be that much more consistent for the next visitor.

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If you were logged in, you could review or add photos. Or check-in to keep track of your visits.

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Create an account, login and you can start helping to keep the locations on the map that you care about updated.


Check-ins are a relatively new option on the site. We're using them simply to visualize where you've been. There are going to be a lot more features added, like badges and pushing check-ins to social media. These features will be rolling out soon.


Reviews give context to a location's value or worth. In the end a review is simply a personal opinion, but when several reviews are placed beside each other, they might be able to give a broader view on that location's value as a destination on the maps. We feel that adding reviews is pretty important to giving more weight to a pin on the map, so any feedback you have about a location can be very valuable to the next traveler coming through that area.

Adding honest reviews helps others.


Photos are also a way to give context to a location. A good photo can help to show atmosphere for a place or even beer selection for that particular location. The right photograph could even help a person decide if they want to visit or not. A location on Beer Mapping can have unlimited photos. Feel free to add photos that can add value for that place.

Beer Routes

Beer Routes are a way to find locations to visit along the route that you wish to travel. A user can add a start location and a final destination and we will attempt to show you what locations are in our database along that route. Waypoints can then be added and a full Beer Trip can be planned. Warning: if you want to travel a very long distance, your Beer Route will load slowly. If you try to plan a trip across an ocean, the Beer Route will not help you. Plan Beer Routes, save them (if you're logged in) and share them with friends. Please drive responsibly.

Beer Routes can also use Google's walking directions (or cycling or public transportation directions), so it's super easy to plan a pub crawl across your town or a town you want to visit. Good Routing!